Would you allow torturing a person who had confessed committed a crime which set 3 bombs in the city would be going to kill more than hundred millions people? Thats the all about. Its unthinkable.

This movie shows simply ideology conflict between humanitarianism and ultranationalism by torturing for the sake of protecting the country. I am totally disappointed and just wasted my time to finish it. If the movie had made me to engage into this unthinkable situation via it, it would be okay. But I am sure that the director of the movie is also one of them who is an "unthinkable" which he is seemed that would never have thought what plots must have been fitted to the ending.

Although the casts were trying to solve the problem with narrow-mindedness and less cooperation,it turned out that they were useless and not helping at all.And in the end, they gave up all hopelessly until the bomb exploded.
I am criticizing this movie because it was only focusing the 2 sides from varied choices (which multiple dimensions and professional ideas although there was a way which would solve the problem for all victims).

Feminism - a working FBI woman who is higher position implies avoiding critics by feminists.
Terrorist - a American citizen man who set bombs are converted to Muslims not an originally Islamic which implies to avoid a stereotypical ideas of terrorist and criticism become political issue.

I am ashamed to recommend this movie after I finished watching. But this movie is not really criticized in public as much as I said. It was really disgusting WHATEVER.

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